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February 9, 20190


Canal Winchester, OH. I want to share a little success story with you all. I’ve decided that since I found this little guy in the pocket of a clean pair of jeans, I’d better tell everyone about it.

A few weeks ago, Steve Clark and I were trying to come up with ‘The Perfect Handout’ for trade shows and gatherings. We wanted something that could show the possibilities for HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology and to help ‘unlock’ the door for this kind of thinking.

My first job ever was at a car wash. I worked there for 5 years and during that time I worked at many promotional events. It felt like cheating when we would talk to people that had never been to our car wash and we were able to simply put a coin in their hand. The coin was good for a free wash and even though it was free, ordinary people weren’t rushing to the building. The thing that got them to my wash… Was finding that silly coin in the dryer or the cup holder in their car on a day off work.

We combined this experience with something that is produced through traditional manufacturing, a poker chip. After only a few tweaks in the CAD by Steve, we were able to create this. Something so simple, yet still complex due to its traditional manufacturing restrictions.

The greatest thing about these as promotional items is that we are able to change the text and logo on the fly. We have had the opportunity to produce variants of this design for other businesses and organizations to use as custom items for their events. The possibilities are endless and customization is free with additive manufacturing.


Grant Holcomb

Additive Technician


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