Hydrokinetic Power Generator Test in India

April 8, 20170
Microsoft Word - Hydrokinetic Generator.docx

HYDROKINETIC Power Generator going for testing in India
Aerosport has just Shipped the second Hydrokinetic Generator to India for testing in the Chilla Canal. Our client is excited about testing these 2 new units in the environment they were designed for. These units use the canal water flow to turn the generator. Aerosport has been designing and building and testing these units for over 5 years. This is the 6th generation of units we have designed for our client. We have tested these units here in the United States in either a man-made controlled environment or at Lake Barkley in Kentucky. When testing on the lake we had a large Tug boat pull the unit at the correct speed to simulate the Canal in India’s water flow. These units are 36’x24’x12’ and weigh in at 11,000 lbs.
Testing in India should start sometime in June 2017


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