Rapid Injection / Low Run Production

Rapid injection Tooling/RTV Silicone Molding
Our Rapid Injection Tooling Center specializes in rapid prototype tooling. Using either high-speed milling for injection plastic molds or RTV silicone soft tools for urethane castings. Our Rapid Tooling Center can create rapid prototypes in as little as 5 days, but consistently within two to six weeks.

By use of high speed machining centers and aluminum for the mold we can create faster and very accurate tools. Aluminum can be machined about twice as fast as tool steel, and it dissipates the heat better at the press. It can also be modified, polished and textured to meet your finishing needs. All these factors help us deliver molds to you faster – for less.

Aerosport can also create your parts by creating an SLA master then producing an RTV silicone mold. Then we can create your low run production parts from many of our available urethane resins. See RTV molding/ Urethane castings

Companies need spec material parts faster for specific testing processes such as UL and drop testing. Let the experts at Aerosport help you determine which is best solution for your projects.
Rapid injection tooling or RTV silicone tooling.

Acceptable File Formats

3D CAD files used for quoting, mold splits and programming:
• SolidWorks
• Parasolid
• Iges
• Step


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Our clients consider us an extension of their design and development team by helping them produce the highest quality prototypes, appearance models, working models and machined parts.

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