Roto Casting

Aerosport starts by producing a master pattern exactly like the outside of the desired part. The part is then finished to the desired finish/texture.

After the master is complete, a silicone mold is created. Once the mold is created, Aerosport fills the mold with the correct amount of material to achieve the desired wall thickness and the mold is rotated in two different axes for a desired amount of time.

Roto Casting can use many of the same materials as urethane cast parts. There are a wide variety of materials available. Materials can simulate HDPE, ABS, Nylon, PC, Styrene and TPE Shore A materials. Hardness ranges from 25 Shore A to 85 Shore D materials.


Possible uses
• Bottles of all types • Jars / Vases • Statues • Large Housing • Children’s Toys • Tanks (gas tanks, water reservoirs etc.)


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